My Story of Healing

Ten years ago, I was at my low. I lost my job, my health was poor, my finances even worse, and my then-wife hated me. I took a walk with a knife in my pocket, begging God to kill me. He didn't wait long to answer.


While the doctors fought for my life, I experienced death. I didn't see the light or meet Jesus, but I did experience something amazing---unbelievable and indescribable peace.


I've always been spiritually-minded. I had graduated from seminary a few years before. But my experience with the afterlife changed things. I found the universal energy. 


Since then, I've sought the depths of this knowledge. I've explored ancient spiritual traditions, including yoga, shamanism, and Reiki. I've witnessed the transformational power of being one with the Source. 


I'm not here to give you fancy words buried in mystical meaning. I'm here to help you connect with this energy. 


It worked for me, and it'll work for you. 


My writing about energy healing has been featured in publications around the web. I've talked about the history of it and---more importantly---its modern uses. 


Over 900 hospitals around the United States are using energy healing and Reiki as part of their comprehensive treatments. I've posted numerous articles, including randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. 


I've used energy healing to reduces stress, anxiety, pain, and depression. Energy healing has shown benefits with the side effects of PTSD, cancer, and HIV/AIDS. 


I'm NOT saying I can cure you. I AM saying that you WILL feel a positive difference. 


I'm here, along with my team, to help you. Your life is energy. Raise it.


Live well,


Mountain Sunset

Energy Healing

Many faiths and spiritual practices have healed through energy. Examples include laying on of the hands, prayers, ceremonies, and rituals. Most recently the practice of Reiki has become more mainstream. 

The scientific community has begun accepting energy healing:

Our practitioners--YOUR practitioners--are all trained and certified in energy healing. Today is your chance to feel better, inside and out. Now is your chance to live better.

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